Ever wonder if your zodiac sign has anything to do with… your smell?

According to astrologers, the answer is yes.

Like flowers, herbs and natural elements — all essential ingredients of fragrances — humans too are governed by the movement of planets. This means that essences and perfume notes are linked to zodiac signs, and when paired correctly, can bring out the best in you.

Think about it this way too: your smell reaches a person before you do. Your welcoming party's and your own senses of smell are secretly drawing you to one another (given that you like what you’re smelling, of course). The magic of this invisible connection spells the coming together of compatible zodiac signs.

Wearing the right scent for you is then part of showing up as your highest self. Indulge your senses in this most wonderful time of the year, in a little bit of luxury of smelling your best... and uplift yourself with a new scent that's just for you.

Here’s our Holiday Special edit, by Zodiac Sign.


Sensuous Scorpio, this is your time to shine. Oriental and spicy scents are right for you. Like the gingery spice of a crunchy holiday cookie, indulge in sexy and woodsy notes. Iris, vanilla, patchouli, and leather should do the trick.

Valentino Donna, $98 available at Nordstrom


Generous and idealistic, with a great sense of humour - you carry the holiday cheer with you everywhere you go. Now, it's been a dreary year for you (and many more). So, as we dawn upon your most important month of the year, harness your energy with the aroma of lilies, pink pepper, orange and rose. This will be sure to enhance the vibrancy you so naturally exude. 

Ralph Lauren Romance, $78 available at Macy's


Oh the Capricornian, don’t you just love bringing out nostalgic old photos as the holiday season nears? Don't go fretting about to make this time of year perfect. You're in your element by keeping with traditions. Reconnect with your warm and familiar family holiday habits in this comforting perfume with notes of coffee and vanilla. 

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Glowing, $74 available at Infinite Scents



Rebellious and spontaneous, independent and free, you are not one to be tamed. This year has kept you indoors, silent and patient for long enough. You airy creature, own your spontaneity through scent this season with youthful notes of ginger, tuberose, and sandalwood.

"It is with young women in mind, by observing their lives, that I created Twilly d’Hermès. Free, bold, and irreverent, they swim against the tide, impose their own rhythm, invent a brand new tempo."— Christine Nagel, HERMÈS Perfumer

Hermes Twilly d'Hermes, $64.72 available at Amazon



Queen of mystery and magic, you Pisces can use this time to look inward, reflect and dream (as you often like to do). Get those creative juices flowing with energizing whiffs of citrus like grapefruit and orange, combined with dreamy notes of peonies, lily of the valley and other sultry florals.

Clinique Happy, $73 available at Macy's


Action-ready Aries, this year has been challenging enough for you. Your energies have been tampered with and your zest for life - squashed. The time has come: rekindle your fire and bring warmth to this chilly season. Kick back into gear to create the dream life you've envisioned with a composition of woody notes such as patchouli, amber, vanilla and ambroxan. 

Giorgio Armani Si, $74 available at Nordstrom



Compassion and kindness make you soft and sensuous, just ripe for a scent that’s floral and fruity; a perfume that’s as charming and romantic as a bouquet of roses. You enjoy being celebrated and showered with gifts, so treat yourself to an aromatic scent this season.

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc for Her, $100 available at Macy's


or if you're feeling especially rosy try Nina Ricci Caresse de Roses, $39 available at Amazon



Energetic and quick-witted, you, my dear Gemini, never ruminates on what might have been. Liveliness is in the air as the holidays are upon us. With your mutable twin personalities itching for activity, let your ready-for-fun personality light up every room. Try a fragrance that’s fresh, singular, and floral. Or dare to indulge your other half and dive into blends that are woody, mossy and spicy.

MUGLER Alien Eau Extraordinaire, $79 available at Infinite Scents



Emotionally in tune, nurturing and protective. We know you Cancerians tend to be moody, so indulge your loving side right now as families come together in the holiday spirit. Go inwards and even cozy up to a bit of the nostalgia you love with notes of jasmine, gardenia, orchid, rose, and plum.

Christian Dior J’adore, $92, available at Infinite Scents


Or Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia, $73.92 available at Amazon



Expect fun and passion to ignite your life in the coming weeks. As you thrive in various social setups, don't forget to bring your fantastic energy and fuel of confidence to every celebration of surviving this year. Bold fire sign Leo, we know you love to make and leave an impression. And so, warm the season with patchouli, and don’t hesitate to secure your spot in the limelight with spicy notes to top it all off.

MUGLER Limited Edition Angel Eau Croisiere, $115 available at Infinite Scents



Always seeking perfection and order, we know you Virgos rarely stop obsessing over the details. You love all things clean and orderly, inspiring a natural love of fresh, crisp, and clean scents. This season, douse yourself in sparkling notes of apple and cedar, bluebell, jasmine, and white rose... scents just unquestionably perfect for you.

D&G Light Blue, $59 available at Infinite Scents



Channel that Libra love of beauty, charm, and harmony. It's been far too many months of trouble and turmoil. Be kind to yourself as the air turns cool, and restore the balance you love so much... curl up and cuddle in this deep sensuous scent with notes of exotic woods, patchouli, and Juniper berries.

Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue, $97.65 available at Amazon

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